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Are Office Condos The Next Big Thing?

Are Office Condos The Next Big Thing?

September 25, 2014

Office condos have been slow to catch on in Toronto. (It's ok, Van Gogh wasn't embraced at first either.) Despite its residential condo boom, the city lags places like New York, London, and Hong Kong in embracing the idea of owning offices. But 7 St. Thomas St, the first new purely office-condo building downtown, could help warm TO to the concept.


The office condo - an overdue development, entrepreneurs say

The office condo - and overdue development

September 8, 2014

From his rented office in north-end Toronto, lawyer Nikolay Chsherbinin can look across the street at the construction of a high-rise tower where he has purchased space for his firm to move into early next year.